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Donna L. Dittmann. Graphic and Fine Art

Inspiration from the Natural World

I grew up in California with access to a wide array of habitats: gorgeous seascapes to high mountains, to  deserts. I enjoyed and dabbled in art since childhood. I studied biology at UC Berkeley so realism and scientific accuracy have always been important aspects of my artwork. I moved to Louisiana in 1985 where a very different landscape awaited, and since 2015 have been transitioning towards West Texas, where the beauty of western  environs welcomes me back: sky mountains to deserts.

Life long birder, field ornithologist

Currently employed at Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science as Collections Manager and Museum Preparator, birds are my occupation and my passion. I have been able to share my love of birds through classes, workshops, and festivals, including Yellow Rails and Rice Festival. 

Graphic & Fine Art

Mixed media (including watercolor, acrylic, gauche, pen and ink, pencil, and digital) on various substrates including paper, fabric (includes clothing, decorative items), wood, even on rocks. 



    Limited edition print series

    Coming soon Online Store (Wix website)

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