A few images from YRARF 2014.  Although there was a passage of a cold front during the festival, the weather cooperated so that no field days were canceled during YRARF 2014. Fields are always variable with regards to numbers and species composition of rails observed during harvest operations. Thursday’s field day had an amazing concentration of rails in one field complex with over 100 YELLOW RAILS flushed! 

Yellow Rails were much less numerous on other festival days averaging only 10-20 seen per day. Soras and Virginia Rails were plentiful. A few King Rails were seen in wetter fields. Local morning field trips as well as trips farther afield to the pineywoods and Cameron Coast were fun and successful.

In 2014, the Louisiana Legislature designated the community of Thornwell as “The Yellow Rail Capital of the World” -  a well-deserving title!  The 2014 t-shirt design shown above celebrates our new designation, which certainly held true on Thursday’s field day.  As always, all rice fields are not created equally with regard to presence and numbers of Yellow Rails. Yellows tend to favor fields with moist ground but not standing water. Wetter fields are preferred by Soras and Virginia Rails, and King Rails are typically found only in the wettest fields.


Yellow Rails and Rice Festival 2014

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