The Second Yellow Rails and Rice Festival was held on 4-7 November 2010. On the opening Thursday it was windy!  We didn’t get as early a start as planned because the fields were still wet from rain storms the previous two days. But, as soon as we got to the fields we started to see Yellow Rails flushed by the combine - one set of fields tallied over 100 Yellows during 5 hours of observation! Friday afforded absolutely beautiful weather- we could not


Yellow Rails and Rice Festival 2010

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have asked for better - another amazing day in the fields.  Yellows still outnumbered other species with a minimum of 125. With participants from 23 states, our little festival is really taking off! Many festival participants opted for trips to the coast and pineywoods on Saturday after getting their fill of Yellow Rails. Despite combine mechanical problems, all of the participants on Saturday were still  able to ride and see Yellow Rails - along with some other treats.