Registration is a two step process...

You may register online, or by mail (with check or money order). Please provide contact information including full name(s), email address(es), and phone number(s) for yourself and any additional persons for who you are also registering (if applicable). 

Within seven (7) days of payment receipt, YRARF personnel will confirm your registration - email is preferred, so if you register by mail please include an email address to help speed up this process. You will receive a registration document that lists items for which you have registered (please check carefully and confirm accuracy) and a liability release to sign and return.  Please print/write legibly on all correspondence.

To complete your registration and secure your Field Pass number each participant must sign and return the liability release included in the registration documents. The release may be returned by email (pdf) or by mail. 

Your registration is considered complete when we receive your signed liability release. At that time we will issue your field pass number, which was reserved for you on the date and time your payment was received by PayPal or postmarked on envelope/air bill if payment was sent by mail or courier service. We will confirm receipt of your liability release and send additional festival information. Please be advised that if we do not receive your liability release by the close of registration then you will forfeit your reserved pass number.  Participants load on the combine in order of pass number.  

When you check-in at the festival, a gift bag will contain your identification badge and a combine ticket - your field pass number will appear on both of these. Individuals registering as a group will share one pass number but will be individually identified by a letter code.

Please be advised that we may limit participation and close registration early if registration reaches our limit capacity.



The Yellow Rails and Rice Festival reserves the right to cancel any trip or event due to weather or dangerous conditions; in the event that a day’s Field access is canceled due to weather conditions or other circumstances, we will try to offer a local trip as a substitute.  If Thursday, Friday, and Saturday field access days are all cancelled, then Sunday will be offered as a backup field day.


YRARF 2017 is brought to you by Avian Events Support Team, a non-profit organization. All proceeds from registration, field trip fees, and YRARF sales support festival activities and promotion, as well as provide honoraria to participating farmers and field trip leaders. You can donate directly to Avian Events Support Team to help support its mission to organize, or assist with organization of, bird-oriented educational events such as the Yellow Rails and Rice Festival. Sales tax is mandated by Louisiana Department of Revenue for non-profits is incorporated in registration fees and sale merchandise.

For more information contact: