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The 2014 Festival Package includes Field Passes for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Packages also include local guided morning birding trips on Friday and Saturday, a local point of interest driving tour on Saturday afternoon, and rice mill tours on Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning. The Festival Package also includes two receptions: Thursday Jambalaya Supper with Les Freres Michot Cajun band and Closing Reception at the Zigler Museum.


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Jennings, Louisiana: 27 October - 2 November 2014        DST ends SAT

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Twilight:       6:00 AM        6:01 AM      6:01 AM       6:02 AM     6:03 AM     6:03 AM      5:04 AM

Sunrise:       7:21 AM        7:21 AM      7:22 AM       7:23 AM     7:24 AM     7:24 AM      6:25 AM 

Sunset:        6:28 PM        6:28 PM      6:27 PM       6:26 PM     6:25 PM     6:24 PM      5:23 PM

Twilight:       7:49 AM        7:48 PM      7:47 PM       7:47 PM     7:46 PM     7:45 PM      6:44 PM

Day Length  11 h 8 m      11 h 6 m     11 h 12 m     11 h 3 m   11 h 1 m      11 h 0 m     10 h 58 m      

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