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The 2015 Festival Packages include Field Passes for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, local guided morning birding trips on Friday and Saturday, a local point of interest driving tour on Saturday afternoon, and rice mill tours on Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning, and two receptions: Thursday Jambalaya Supper in the ricefields with Les Freres Michot Cajun band and Closing Reception at the Welsh Museum.

Separate registration is required for guided field trips to the pineywoods, Cameron Coast, and pontoon boat trips.


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Jennings, Louisiana: 26 October - 1 November 2015    *****DST ends SUN 2 AM

                    MON             TUE            WED            THU            FRI            SAT            SUN*****

Twilight:       5:59 AM        6:00 AM      6:01 AM       6:01 AM     6:02 AM     6:03 AM      5:23 AM

Sunrise:       7:20 AM        7:21 AM      7:21 AM       7:22 AM     7:23 AM     7:24 AM      6:47 AM 

Sunset:        6:30 PM        6:29 PM      6:28 PM       6:27 PM     6:26 PM     6:25 PM      5:10 PM

Twilight:       7:50 AM        7:49 PM      7:48 PM       7:48 PM     7:47 PM     7:46 PM      6:35 PM

Day Length  11 h 10 m     11 h 8 m     11 h 6 m       11 h 5 m    11 h 3 m    11 h 2 m      10 h 23 m